Welcome to Zydecrunch

Zydecrunch was created in 1998 by long-time friends Steve Olson and Mike Lynch. Taking cues from New Orleans Rhythm n’ Blues, Cajun and Country two steps and waltzes, Creole struts, and of course, the Blues fused with a little bit of Rock & Roll, Zydecrunch is a mixed up pot of gumbo with just the right spice that tastes so nice, you can’t wait to get some more!

Based out of Lansing, Michigan, Zydecrunch is made up of Steve Olson on guitar and lead vocals, Mike Lynch on the accordion, Bob Bryan on the drums, and Brian Alvarez on the bass. The new CD release Zydefaux Pas includes the talents of former members Tahmineh Gueramy on fiddle and vocals, Jason Strotheide on bass guitar, as well as the honorary members, and twin talents, of Andy Wilson on Accordion and triangle, and his brother Joe Wilson on violin.

Their first album, Ton Son Ton, was released in 2001 with Steve Olson on guitar and vocals, Joe Konkoly on bass and vocals, Mike Lynch on accordion and organ, and Geoff Lewis on drums and vocals. The album featured special guests Tahmineh Gueramy on fiddle and vocals and Jesse Soriano on drums.

Zydecrunch may have changed membership over the years, but the quality of the talents of these members has remained consistently high. A common love and desire to make feel-good music that you can shake it to is all that’s required.